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Getting Social? Don’t Forget to Use Online Videos! ConvincingMail Tells You Why

The implementation of different « rich media » formats can help you adapt to the tendencies of the market, attract the attention of the recipients and increase the quality of your campaigns.
With the help of ConvincingMail you give yourself the opportunity to become social and follow the tendencies of the e-commerce marketing.
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Why Become a ‘Top of Mind’ Company?

What is the role of a web newsletter sent with the help of ConvincingMail Software for the image of your brand?
Is it worth of integrating the affiliation strategy to your overall web marketing?
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Online Advertizing Impacts

What are the direct and indirect parameters that can affect the overall perception of your brand online? How to get and to measure this information?
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Synergie of Quantitative VS Quantitative Impacts

Any direct marketing campaign has its influence on the overall performance of the company.
These impacts can and should be measured in order to provide high quality service adapted to the demands of its customers.
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Are your Email Campaigns Boosting your Business?

In order to get an absolutely clear idea of the profitability of your email marketing campaigns, it is important to analyze the profitability by getting the post-click data. This information should be very important when choosing the core direction of your email marketing campaigns.
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Partners & Clients

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ConvincingMail© is a professional multifunctional web based marketing software, an ideal cost effective marketing solution in any business or non-profit sphere to communicate with existing customers and prospects.

Whatever your product or service ConvincingMail© Marketing Software is effective, you can reach potentially huge audience, it includes numerous advanced product features, support within easy reach and affordable fixed prices. ConvincingMail© allows creating, sending and tracking various types of HTML or text formatted messages like email newsletters, announcements, mass personalized marketing campaigns and others using professionally designed HTML email templates.

Become a specialist in online marketing: make your mailing lists by grouping your collected or imported contacts, create your message using built-in tools, send, analyze statistics. With ConvincingMail© software you will quickly get convincing results! Get a convincing start now!

For a small, one-time investment
you get an email marketing software that offers:

  • User-friendly intuitive web interface. Clear menu options, screen tips and various screen skins. View program snapshots.
  • Unlimited email messages. You pay only once. No monthly/per email/per contact fees.
  • Easy message creating using built-in templates and powerful editor.
  • Powerfull sending algorithm.
  • Automatic bounced message handler.
  • Multiple reports. Bounced, Opens (views), Click and more statistics.
  • Built-in tools to make your campaigns more effective: email message personalization, import and export tools, powerful builtin email message editor, multiple reports and others to discover.
  • And many more features to discover
ConvincingMail© Software is an applicable program for companies of all sizes. It is in current use by companies which send thousands emails per day and it is used by organisations which need to contact a few of their business partners, colleagues or clients.
To meet your personal expectations and to make our software more suitable for your organization needs we offer two product versions.
With ConvincingMail© Standard version you can send an unlimited number of messages to your contacts using only a single mailing contact list. ConvincingMail© Professional version allows you to create an unlimited number of mailing lists in order to send your marketing campaigns and messages to different recepient categories. Depending on the criteria you choose the software enables you to have different contact lists, that means to influence specific, interested and responsive target groups.

Try the demo version of our email marketing software. Try Online

Before choosing the version right for you, try our online demo absolutely free. You can use our demo account
(user:demo password:demo) or create a new one.

Download the free  edition of ConvincingMail email marketing solution and try it on your server and environment. Free Edition

Try ConvincingMail© solution in your environment. The starter edition is limited to 5 lists and 500 contacts. Download now and use it absolutely free.

ConvincingMail Free Online Email Validation Tool. Validate any number of email accounts for free. Email Validation

Try ConvincingMail© free email validation service. Validate email syntax, domain and account.

Discuss any topic related to email marketing, list building, deliverability etc. and other ConvincingMail tools (Email List Validator and Autocomplete/Autosuggest ajax control) in the forum. Discussion Forum

Visit our community forums! Feel free to ask questions about ConvincingMail© software & Servicies and email marketing. We are ready to share our experience with everyone. - Email Marketing Software. Terms of use License Agreement Privacy Policy
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